During the initial consultation discussion, we’ll capture the overall scope of the project and construction process. We will discuss design features, budget information, and custom features most important to you. After this initial meeting, a preliminary sketch will be prepared for review by the customer. A rough estimate of the building cost will be provided from the sketch. Upon agreement to proceed, a 50% retainer for the total cost of the plans will be due to complete the floor plan and the elevations.

The next step is the design development phase. At this time, the sketch will be implemented into computerized drawings. These drawings will illustrate a scaled floor plan and elevation sheet. Once this is in place, we encourage our customers to make any necessary redlines or changes to the plan. Upon approval, we will begin to involve the structural engineer for the foundation and framing.

After we’ve made modifications in the design development process, we’ll present our customers with the construction documents. This includes the site plan, floor plan, elevations, roof plan, and electrical for full review. The architect will include many dimensions and construction notes at this point The client is more than welcome to take the plans home to insure all the previous changes have been made and to ponder any other ideas to incorporate in to the home. Changes will be minimal after this point.

Final review stage will confirm any changes made during the construction documents phase. Generally no changes to the plan will be made at this point. However, the customer does have the opportunity to request a “change order” with the builder if something needs to be added or deleted.

On average it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete a set of plans. This can vary with work load, complexity of the project, and flexibility to attend meetings.