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One of our specialties is providing general contracting services to other businesses to fulfill the construction component of their communities for sale. These communities range from 2 to over 30 units. Our target market for this service is primarily in the inner loop and nearby areas.

Small to mid-sized projects with multiple units in need of land development, site work and building designs require coordination between each area of construction. Our team of experienced professionals work together with you to design your community of multiple homes with these cross-functional areas of construction. We can work with clients at each stage as needed to design the home or community to meet consumer demands and investor needs.

The processes are very similar to that of building a custom home with us.

Initial Meeting

Upon our first meeting, we will discuss the scope of work so that we may immediately begin understanding vision and needs of your target market – Urban, Suburban, Contemporary, Transitional, etc. An important topic to discuss at the initial meeting is our client’s budget, especially if they are building for resale. We are experienced in construction and on top of current design trends. Whatever the budget, we can design the scope of work so it fits both the consumer needs and your budget.

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Design & Development

Once the scope of work is defined, the planning stage can commence. We will arrange for a meeting with our architect to begin designing the elevations and floor plans. The next step will be sending these plans to the engineer for their structural and/or civil designs. While these plans are in the works, it is an appropriate time to discuss the materials to be used both for the exterior and interior of the units.

Budget & Building Contract

The budget is one of the most significant details in the homebuilding process. This sets the precedent for all selections. A preliminary budget will be provided based upon the initial design and desires from the client. As the design phase progresses, the budget will be refined. Some items will have an allowance to provide for the opportunity to customize selections. When the budget is reached, a contract will be signed and construction can begin.

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Home Construction

By now the plans have been sent to subcontractors and a periodic schedule of work and updates will be provided. A Pre-Construction Meeting will be set for Stately Homes and the client to discuss logistics, a timeline, and other imperative details throughout the construction process. A Pre-Drywall Meeting will be scheduled before drywall is hung to ensure mechanical, electrical and plumbing components are in the correct locations as well as any changes that have been made to date.

Home Completion

Upon nearing the completion of the home, we will schedule a Walk Through where we will walk the home so you’re familiar with the function and mechanical operations of the components in the home. Customer Service and Warranty Documents will be prepared at this time.

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